Dear Customers

On behalf of Daichi Investment Industry Joint Stock Company, we send you cordial greetings and best wishes for good health.

Nghia Son Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 operating in the field of trading ceiling products and synchronously producing high quality Frame - Ceiling - Drywall products.

Through the process of formation and development since August 6, 2007, Nghia Son Co., Ltd. has a joint venture and advanced technology collaboration with Japanese partners. With the advanced synchronous production machinery and equipment system and strict production management process of Frame - Ceiling - Drywall products. In that spirit of cooperation, we now establish Daiichi Investment Industry Joint Stock Company in Vietnam.

Concerned with the desire that Vietnamese people can use high quality products, build beautiful works. Company Daichi Investment Industry Joint Stock Company has set out on a mission with enthusiasm and a burning desire to bring high quality products; The best customer care. To do that, Daiichi has continuously researched and implemented advanced technology from Japan; to bring the best products. Daiichi aims to be a Vietnamese brand with an international mind, bringing satisfaction beyond expectations to customers.

In order to continue to develop firmly, We are committed to always putting the interests of our customers and major partners first, always being honest, dedicated and professional in our own products and services. In the future, Daichi will continue to affirm and maintain the pioneering brand in the field we are pursuing.

Daichi Investment Joint Stock Company respectfully wishes customers and partners good health, success and prosperity.

Thank you very much!

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