• Becoming the leading symbol of trust in Vietnam and reaching out internationally in synchronous solutions for ceilings and partitions.
  • Vision and mission is to bring customers products with the best quality - best price - best after-sales service; constantly strive to improve products.
  • Providing staff, vision and mission with trust, closeness, and a professional working environment. Creating equal opportunities also develops.
  • Bringing positive benefits to society from the business's community activities.


CORE: In our company Knowing people is an important factor that helps people develop. We do our best for each individual's development, helping them develop their full potential and achieve their desired goals.

MATTER: At the company, all activities stem from passion and a relentless commitment to achieving perfect quality in each product and service.

MAIN: Integrity and ethics are the foundation for all company activities. We guide respect, fairness and transparency between parties.


  • Always take care of customers. Bring these best products and services With customer benefits always being the top goal.
  • Always looking for new, groundbreaking solutions to create multi-functional, convenient, and human-friendly products.


Daiichi always values ethical standards, orthodoxy, and formality in operations and organization; and aim to build a corporate culture based on the following principles:

  • Drastically: Drastic in work, action, and problem solving; Developing products to bring customers the best quality products and services and the most optimal solutions.
  • Standard: All products and services provided to customers and partners must be standard, sophisticated and completed at a high level.
  • Serving: Taking customers as the center, considering customer satisfaction as the goal and service mission. At the same time, use the same spirit to carry out corporate social responsibility; Implement annual community programs.