1. Production capacity

With a team of qualified personnel who have many years of experience working at leading companies and corporations in the field of drywall fixing, through the process of formation and operation, Daiichi company is always proud to be a pioneer. pioneer in the field of synchronous production of light construction materials products in Vietnam. At the same time, constantly innovate in form and improve the quality of products and services, better meeting the increasing needs of customers.

năng lực sản xuất daiichi

The Daiichi factory is equipped with production lines for ceiling frames and plasterboard partitions with an average capacity of 25 million m/year, not only ensuring output supplied to the domestic market but also aiming to reach out to the market. foreign.

2. Transport capacity

Throughout the development process, Daiichi Investment Technology Joint Stock Company has continuously invested in expanding its nationwide network to serve customers.

- System of specialized transport vehicles and containers in large quantities, flexible, quick and timely transporting inner-city and adultery orders with diverse volumes.

– The vehicle system serving delivery and receipt of goods from inner city areas is widely distributed.

– With a team of professional drivers, all over the province, Daichi Investment Technology Joint Stock Company has proactively brought its products to every project.

3. Distribution business capacity

After more than 20 years of operation, with a distribution channel system across the country, Daiichi Vietnam Company owns more than 200 indirect distribution channels as an important step in the service supply chain to users.

Besides. Daich Company, Vietnam is also constantly developing and improving its capabilities. All of our efforts are aimed at bringing the best services and benefits to Daiichi's partners, with the operating principle of "using customer satisfaction as a measure of success". Daiichi Vietnam Company has applied a price policy suitable for each time and each region of consumers. Thereby, we wish to create a reputable and trustworthy legal entity for the system of customers who have been cooperating, as well as customers and partners who will connect with us in the future.

4. Technical consulting and construction capacity

With a team of enthusiastic and highly responsible employees, the company is passionate about working, looking for me and learning, and has constantly strived to build its brand. Daiichi Company become one of the leading companies providing professional services, operating in all fields of frames - ceilings and walls. Eight plasters

The company attaches great importance to investing in high-quality human resources, so the company regularly recruits and recruits leading experts in consulting on the construction of standard projects. A highly specialized human resources team is also the foundation for the company's future development.

With prestige and confirmed position in the market, Daiichi Investment Joint Stock Company is currently the top choice for modern projects.

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